Wagon Wheel Falls

We moved to Arizona!! Why would we want to leave Hawaii you ask? Trust me it was hard to leave but the cost of living was too high. Lonnie and I wanted to save money and also give Jack a great adventure filled childhood without having to worry a great deal about money. So here we are in the dry desert. It’s definitely different then Hawaii but Arizona is surprisingly beautiful. One thing I’ve learned since being here is that paradise does not have to be tropical. 

The Martin clan did our first family hike! Wagon Wheel Falls is located in Payson, AZ. With the temperature raising into the triple digits a lot of folks go up north for adventure. So we did! 

We left our place at 6am to make a two hour drive to Payson. The Sunrise here is beautiful.

Trail was beautiful right from the start.

There were lots of spot that folks could camp here. I would love to bring Jack her when here to camp and swim!

Wagon Wheel Falls
Payson, AZ

2 miles round trip

213ft elevation gain

Kid friendly and dog friendly 

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