Makiki Valley Loop

Today my sweethearts and I hit the trails to celebrate Valentines Day. We did Makiki Valley Loop trail this morning. It was my first time doing this hike and with Jack so I was curious to see how we’d do. Makiki Valley Loop trail is 2.6 miles out and back so not a long hike. Going up had a pretty steady incline with streams, bridges, moss covered stones, wooden stairs and lots of chirping birds. Simply amazing. When I’m out hiking I try to capture the beauty of the trails. Today I took picture after picture because It was just that nice! The trail took us about 2 hours to complete mainly because of all the stops to take pictures and a break for me to sit and nurse Jack. The first mile and a half was all up hill and humid. I kept my pace slow and steady because it had just rained a few days earlier so the trail was muddy and also lots of tree roots, I didn’t want to risk falling with Jack. I’m not gonna lie I was exhausted the whole way up. I was ready to turn around half way in but I was so set on finishing this dang hike! What I really enjoyed about this hike is that you started the trail as if you were in an exotic jungle and the more you ventured on it brought you into some mysterious woods. Even though the hike was only 2.6 miles I felt like it went on and on especially with all the uphill climbing we did and carrying Jack. When I’m hiking with Jack I feel like a total badass. Not only am I hiking but I’m hiking with additional weight! I am mom strong! Any who, we finally started to descend and my legs were feeling like jelly. As we headed back down like usual Jack fell asleep  but when he woke up we stopped for a short break so I can nurse him. I also wanted him to have a little breather from being in the carrier for an hour. He was such a trooper! After our break we trekked on and in about a half mile we had reached the end of the trail, which was right back where we started. I was relieved because I was really starting to feel tired. I don’t think I was properly prepared. I could have brought more water especially with how humid and warm out it was. This was definitely a hike for the Camelbak. Overall I enjoyed the hike even with all the uphill and humidity. The trail itself was great and worth doing again! After the hike we went home and we had pizza for lunch and dinner. Yeup! No shame here.

I had a perfect Valentines Day with my boys. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I read a quote today: “When you love what you have then you have everything that you need”. It is so true! I love all that I have even though to some it may not seem like much. I am so blessed to have the love of such an amazing man and my sweet little boy. I don’t need gifts or a fancy dinner to know that I am loved. Just get me out on the trails or the beach and I am a happy girl. Life is good. Today was good!

Happy Hiking!


  1. J_Steinnn

    Could Jack be any cuter!? I can’t believe you do all of that hiking with 20 something pounds strapped to your chest! You’re a badass.

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