Tonto Natural Bridge 

On Tuesday, the Martin clan headed out to Payson, AZ to explore the Tonto Natural Bridge. I had seen photos of this place on instagram and just had to visit especially since it’s an easier hike I could bring Jack on. Gotta love IG! 

The Drive to Tonto was about 2 hours so we left our place at 6am to get there when the park opened at 8am. We got there 5 minutes before the park opened. I felt like a little kid. I was so sooo excited for it to open. Then the ranger came and unlocked them and we were literally the first and only ones in the park! It was aaaaamazing! There was a fee of $7 per adult which I didn’t mind because that goes back into the state park. I can not express exactly how incredibly amazing this place was. Oh and right from the parking lot we saw a family of javelina. Pretty cool! 

In this park there are a few trails that lead you to the top of or under the bridge. Even some looking points that don’t require a hike, more like a stroll. We did the Gowan Trail and Waterfall Trail. Both fairly easy, Jack even got to come out of the hiking carrier and do some hiking of his own. 

The first trail, the Gowan Trail, that was a short descend down to an epic view from under the natural bridge. This included some wooden steps, dirt paths, a wooden bridge and some slippery rocks. 

Next was Waterfall Trail

Another successful adventure with Jack!! 

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