Run Mama Run

This morning I was up early, even before Jack. Thats early! He’s usually my alarm clock and has me up by 6:30. So I stayed in bed and browsed around Pinterest until he woke up. As a mom it’s nice to have moments when you don’t have to do anything. Just have silence. I gotta take those moments when I can!

Well when my sweet boy finally woke up. It was time for us to go on our morning run and get some stroller miles in! I use a Bob jogging stroller when I run with Jack. I absolutely love it! It’s smooth and perfect for any terrain. Before I started running with him I was afraid he would be fussy or that I would have to stop during my run to tend him. Nope! He’s perfect! Jack enjoys the early morning strolls and scenery.

I strap toys to the stroller to keep him entertained along the run. Btw doesn’t he look cute in his Puma workout outfit?! 
I’ve been trying to do 3 stroller miles consistently so I can work on pacing myself. The first is usually the hardest for me. Just starting is hard. But once I get my running juices flowing I’m good! I’ve noticed that when I run with a stroller it adds about a minute to my mile which isn’t too bad. I mean not only am I pushing myself to run, I’m adding a 28.5 pound stroller + a 22 pound baby = thats a lot of extra work! Lately i’ve been doing pretty good about keeping a decent pace. Ive been sticking to 12min stroller miles.

But today was different. Today I was proud of this mornings run! A perfect way to start my Friday!

My splits were =

 Mile 1 – 12:18

Mile 2 – 12:29

Mile 3 – 11:09

I ran a 11min mile! I was so happy! That is just run-tastic! I’m not a fast runner and thats okay with me but hen I’m not running with Jack I typically run around an 11min mile. Some may think thats super slow but a mile is mile no matter how fast or slow you are running. But the fact that I was able to push all that extra weight at a pace that I normally do is pretty awesome to me! That is pretty kick ass. You have to learn celebrate the small victories. Runs like this make me want to keep running. Make me want to push myself even more.

run so you can sweat today and smile tomorrow!

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