Ragnar Trail North Shore 2017

On April 21st I took on my second Ragnar! I had the chance to run with some good friends of mine so I knew it would be a run-tactic good time! I know I had just ran my first half marathon a week before but I was still nervous for this run. Even if I had run a Ragnar trail before. What is a Ragnar Trail Run?

Well, it an overnight trail relay. A team of 8 members run 3 loops: Green (easy), Yellow (medium), and Red (hard). Each runner will run each loop once. Ragnar begins Friday morning and leads into Saturday morning/afternoon. Once you’ve ran the next person will go and you wait util your next loop. You do this 3 times! Sounds nuts but it is a crazy, exhausting, good time!

At Ragnar Trail runs you get to camp, run, meet awesome people and be around so much good energy. Also theres s’mores and pizza involved, uh yes please! And to top it off you get a kick ass medal and t-shirt!

If you are a runner, heck even if you’re not i’d recommend doing at least one Ragnar in you’re life. It will leave you wanting more.

So this was the first time a Ragnar had been held in Hawaii. Located on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, I would get to be a part of something amazing.

The weather was not on our side that weekend as it rain the entire time. Everything was wet, muddy and just blah. I was so excited for this run but really hate being out in the rain in wet clothes. Didn’t matter because I was going to do this and make the best of it. I was going to kick ass with my team.

Our first runner started at 9am. I was runner number 6 so I had quite some time until my first leg. In the mean time I checked out all the different booths and vendors they had while trying to stay somewhat dry. The day was going fast though I think it was all the excitement along with nerves.

I was up!

I ran my red loop (hard) first. 5 miles in a time of 59mins and 12sec. It was beautiful run that took me along the beach but if you’ve ever ran in the sand you know… it ain’t easy!

My second leg was at 1am and it was still raining. This was my longest run too. the yellow loop (medium) 6 miles in the rain and mud. I was all over the place. Felt like I wasn’t really running. I was sliding all over the place because of the mud and loosing my shoes it was so thick. There were so many switchbacks and when I thought I was close to being done i wasn’t. It just seemed like this trail took the longest. To me this was the hardest just due to it being so late, little sleep and all the mud. I managed to finish in 1hr 28min. Beat my goal of 1hr 30mins.

Time for third and final loop! I’m going to be honest I was not looking forward to this one. I was so so tired, badly chaffed, and dreading running in that mud again. That last loop had really taken a toll on me. But it had to be done!! My last loop was the green loop (easy). 4 miles. I could do this!

I really struggled on this loop as I was mentally done. It took me 1hr 10mins to finish. Not the greatest time but all that mattered to me was finishing. Also this was the only loop I was able to get photos of since I was going so slow and it wasn’t raining.

and we were done!!


Although the weekend rained on us I was so incredibly happy to have completed my second Ragnar! My teammates were awesome and I was thankful to have this experience. The mud, lack of sleep, rain, soreness and chaffing was all worth it! I’d do it again!

speaking of…. I’ll be doing the Ragnar Trail McDowell in Arizona in November! Some exciting things are happening!



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