Pu’u Ma’eli’eli Trail

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I started off my week with a hike! When choosing what hikes to do with Jack I think about: Can I baby wear on this trail? I have a Beco Gemini baby carrier that makes hiking with a baby easy and doable. I love that this baby carrier is breathable and light so it keeps Jack cool on those warm days. Whats the distance? If it’s more than a 4 mile round trip hike then I’m definitely more cautious of what I’m getting myself into. I know I’m capable of doing long hikes, but with Jack I don’t want to over do it. If I make that long trek in I’m going to have to make that long trek back out. I also think of whether the trail is shaded or not? Some trails provide tree coverage which is really nice on our hot Hawaiian days. Some trails are open which calls for sunblock, sunblock, and more sunblock. Mosquitos? Hiking with Jack I’m more aware of the environment I’ll be putting him in. I use Honest Company bug repellent which I feel works great and it’s safe for Jack. And you can’t forget about water. It’s always important to have water on the trail with you regardless of the distance. Shorter trails I may just bring my 320z hydroflask or my 2L Camelbak for longer hikes. What time of day? I try to hit the trails before 10am or after 3pm. Anything in between is just too warm for hiking with a baby. And most importantly safety! I never hike alone even if it’s a trail I’m familiar with. I don’t want to put myself or Jack in danger.

Today was perfect! The weather was great, clear blue skies, and a nice cool breeze.

We hiked up Pu’u Ma’eli’li (Poo-ooh Mah-elly-elly) Trail this morning, which means “digging hill” in Hawaiian. Legend is the two gods Kane and Kaneloa raced up this hill and in order to reach the top they had to dig their hands into the hill because it was so steep. On the way up you get to see the crisp Koolau Mountains. Once you’ve made your way to the top you are not only treated to a breathtaking view of Kaneohe Bay, but also two bunkers from WWII that were used for combat training. Pretty amazing!  The trail provides lots of tree coverage and even tree tunnels. So neat! The tree branches were helpful for holding onto while going up that hill. I even found myself a walking stick! The hike is a short 2.5miles round trip. But just because it was short does not mean it was easy. It is all uphill and steep! It was a workout for me especially while baby wearing my seven month old baby who is also 22lbs. Yes 22lbs! It took us about 1.5hours to complete the hike and thats including some breaks for water and pictures of course! It was tiring but so worth it. The view from up top was perfect. Hikes like this remind me how truly lucky I am to be living in Hawaii. Jack was great on the hike he even took a nap on the way down. After our hike we headed to get lunch then home to relax with the dogs. Overall it was a great Monday!

Happy Hiking!

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