Mermaid Tales 

My Sunday funday adventure was becoming a mermaid! And it was mer-mazing!

A group of us gals met up at Mākua Beach located on the west side of Oahu. We set out early to do some snorkeling and possibly see some spinner dolphins. The waves were too choppy to swim in. So having fun on the shore playing mermaid it was!

My talented friend Stephanie Cannizzaro, founder of Coral’s Candid Photography made my dream of becoming a mermaid come true! She provided the mermaid tail and sea shell bra that she hand made.

 I’m telling you this woman is amazing and so talented! We actually met at work and instantly clicked. We both have a love for marine life and we’re pregnant at the same time! We were bump buddies! Her beautiful little girl is two weeks younger then Jack. How awesome!

So a little about me: I’m not one to post pictures of myself in little clothing especially since having a baby. These days I’m more self conscience of all the extra jiggle I got goin on but Stephanie made me feel so confident and sexy during our shoot. Her positive attitude and creative skills helped me become the mermaid I was meant to be! During the shoot I kept saying “I can’t believe I’m doing this”. I was showing my postpartum tummy. I was wearing a sea shell bra. I was stepping out of my comfort zone. I was being sexy. I had such a great experience. If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a mermaid, feel sexy and feel empowering then Stephanie is your girl! 

Afterwards I could not wait to see the finished product. She had the pictures ready for me in just a few hours. And they were better then I expected. They were perfect. She gave me edited and unedited copies of my photos. The difference was a tweak in the lighting and my stretch marks. My mommy stripes. I couldn’t get rid of those. I earned those bad boys! I am obsessed with the photos. To some I may be a chubby gal wearing a mermaid tail and others might find the pictures beautiful. But hey I’m a mermaid! I can’t lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp! I look good! So a million thank yous to Stephanie for making this happen. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants them leaving the shoot happy about the experience. We played around with so many poses and even did some without the sea shell bra. Gasp. Tasteful of course. 

I love them so much! I can not believe that this is me! Stephanie boosted my confidence with this shoot. Just because I’m a mom does not mean I can’t be amazing and look good doing it.

Check out more of her work! She even does plus size and children shoots! 

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