Koko Crater Botanical Garden

Our Sunday funday adventure was the Koko Crater Botanical Garden. A 60 acre botanical garden located within Koko Crater on the eastern side of Oahu. It is one of five botanical gardens on the island that is ran by the City and County of Honolulu. The trail a flat 2 mile loop that takes you through many species of plants and trees. An easy hike but hot and dry so water and sun protection is a must. I try to find trails that are kid friendly and since we’ve been doing quite of bit of hiking lately, and this was a short one compared to the others I thought it would be perfect for us.

So Jack and I headed to the botanical garden around 8 in the morning before it got hot but it was already starting to warm up. We found parking right away which was great. Jack was starting to get a little fussy since it was getting close to nap time which was poor planning on my part. My mommas out there know how tough it can be to do anything with a fussy baby screaming at you. So car is parked, bag packed, water ready, Jack strapped into his carrier and we are ready for adventure!

Right from the start we were treated to some beautiful plumeria trees. My favorite!

Another great thing about this trail aside from its beauty was that there were very few people there. There trail was quiet. It was peaceful. All you heard were the birds chirping. Until about half a mile in Jack got really fussy. So much for peaceful.

His I’m not happy face

Thought maybe in a bit he’d just fall asleep like he usually does on hikes. Odd how on the easiest hike we do he cares nothing about and fussy but he’s totally great on the long ones where mommy has to do some uphill work and boulder climbing. Maybe Jack Attack likes the wild adventure not the stroll in the park. Well Jack never took a nap and I had to use the bathroom at this point. There was a port-a-potty but I did not want to tackle that with a fussy baby strapped to me. That would have been a shit show, literally. So we continued on.


The trail opened up to a beautiful view of the crater.

There were other paths you could take that led you to variety species of plants like Hawaiian plants, African and Madagascar plants, also cactus and succulents. Lots to see! The trail was beautiful but there was no shade and the sun was directly overhead. Maybe I should have come earlier. Look more plumerias!

So many and so colorful!

These were by far my favorite! I didn’t see a whole lot other then plumerias mainly because they were so colorful and by this point Jack was done so it was time to turn around. Bummed we didn’t get to finish the loop but this is definitely a trail I’ll do again. 

So that was our sunday funday that didn’t go so smoothly but hey at least we got out! Tomorrow were going to the zoo so that should be fun!



Koko Crater Botanical Garden

7491 Kokonani St.

Honolulu, HI 96825

Price: FREE!

Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset

Closed Christmas and New Years days


If you’re looking for workout that has 1000+ stairs then you might be interested in Koko Crater Trail


Have you been to the botanical garden? What was your favorite tree or plant?



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