Judd Trail – Jackass Ginger Pool

For our Wednesday morning adventure Jack and I did a new hike! And we were joined by 5 other beautiful mommies and kiddos. Such a good time! We hiked Judd trail down to jackass ginger pool. A 1 mile loop that takes you through a stream crossing, lots of beautiful trees, bamboo and at the end you are treated to an amazing swimming hole. Jack as always was great on the hike and took a nap as well. Before doing a new hike I try to do as much research on it as possible so I have an idea what I’m getting myself into. Doing the research I loved that this trail was short, easy and had a swimming hole. This hike was perfect for babywearing. Well the hike was easy and it was perfect to hike with Jack but I had no idea that this hike had so many different paths that led to the swimming hole. Well somewhere along the way the group took a different path that was different then the loop. The trail eventually got us to the end of the hike but a hike that was supposed to be 1 mile ended up being 3 miles. Oops. We all didn’t mind though. We had a great time! I really enjoyed meeting new moms. I don’t have many mommy friends so getting to do things like this is a plus to hiking! The only part of the hike that I was slightly concerned about was crossing the stream. You have to step on slippery stones. And babywearing while crossing that could be not so safe. We all crossed safely with some tiny slips but no one was hurt thank goodness.

For this hike we parked on the side of Nuuanu Pali Drive.
Right from the start the hike was beautiful!

The stream we had to cross in the beginning. Looks easy but the rocks were slippery! We were better off just walking in the water itself which some of us ended up doing. Yay! Good job mommas!

Upon crossing the stream we came to rows and rows of towering trees. Simply amazing. 

Hey jack! He is getting so big! I’m going to have to start carrying him on my back now.

Lots of tree roots. Have to watch your footing here. 
Nap time!

And about 1.5 into the hike we arrived at the swimming hole. Yay!

You can get in and swim, even jump from the rocks into the pool. Just please please be careful. Only you know what your capable of so just be cautious. We didn’t go for a dip since we had babies strapped to us but maybe next time. We hung out here for a bit and captured some photos. We had some sleepy babies so time to turn around and back to the start.

Look who’s up! I couldn’t get over how talk the trees were. This is why I love hiking. Nature is beauriful.

Back at the stream crossing

And that is a wrap folks! Jack and I had a great morning hiking Judd Trail!



Judd Trail – Jackass Ginger Pool

Address: 4022 Nuuanu Pali Drive

Honolulu, HI 96817

             (This address gets you as close as possible to the trail. Park along side the street. Be careful not leaving valuables in your vehicle. There tend to be a lot of break ins here)

Happy Hiking!

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