Inner Basin Trail

Today my heart was extremely happy. I got to explore a new trail with my little family and my mountain chicks sisters. We ventured out to Flagstaff, which is a three hour drive for us but oh so worth it. The temps in Flagstaff are much cooler then in Phoenix, so having to drive a ways away to escape the heat was not an issue. I haven’t been able to do a hike lately with Jack since it’s been crazy hot. By 7am it’s already 90 degrees! So not a whole lot of trail action for Jack and mommy.  But today we got to get out together! The whole family – Lonnie, the pups, and  Jack Attack! I was too excited!

We met up with the group at 9am at the Inner Basin Trailhead, located in Locket Meadow. After a three hour drive the boys and I were all ready to get movin and hit the trail! I definitely want to return in the fall to see the aspens change with the season.Took us about 4 hours to finish and I’m sure glad we finished when we did because it started to rain, hail and then thunder towards the end! Eek! I was so incredibly proud of Oliver and Oscar as this was there longest hike to date. Jack for being a trooper and even coming out of the hiking carrier at one point to do some actual hiking himself. And mostly proud of Lonnie for hiking with Jack for majority of the trail. Carryingj Jack is no joke. 

I love my boys

It was a long long long day for the Martins. Left our place at 5:40am and got back at 4:30pm but we all enjoyed being together, being outdoors and meeting new people. 

Another successful adventure with Jack!

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