My First Half Marathon – Hapalua Half Marathon

Today I ran my first half marathon and it was absolutely amazing! It is a great feeling to accomplish something I once thought was impossible. I signed up for the Hapalua Half Marathon 2 weeks before race day. I had been running quite a bit up to this point and thought what the hell why not. Didn’t give me much time to train but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this. I also wanted my first half marathon to be here in Hawaii before we left the island. The Hapalua Half starts at the Duke Kahanamoku Statue, the course takes you through Waikiki, passing the Honolulu Harbor and Aloha Tower. Back down toward where the start was and around Diamond Head. Finishing the course at Kapiolani Park. A beautiful course!

I was so incredibly nervous for this run! Last night I had trouble falling asleep because I was so anxious. The awesome thing is that Jack actually let me sleep! Thank you little boy! I also had this weird dream that I coasted through the first 10 miles on a razor scooter. You know the one kids ride around on, yeah those! Well so I scootered through the first 10 miles and then there was a checkpoint that I had stay a required 2 hours for to recover and prep for the remaining 3 miles. Such a weird dream! It would have been nice to coast through the half though.
Well two weeks went by fast and suddenly it’s race day! Holy cow! I ran solo but there were so many people there, so many good vibes and positive energy! It was awesome! All ages! All sizes! All ethniticities! and all runners! I definitely did not feel like I was running alone! I arrived at the race around 5:30am. Lonnie and Jack dropped me off since parking was nuts down that way. Before the start I wanted to use the port-a-potty just to be safe and ended up having to wait 15 minutes in line. Yikes! No biggie though because I still made the start!

All the elite folks went first of course! Race started at 6am. I stood in the way back where the 12min milers were. So I didn’t end up starting my run until 6:07am. I’m still nervous at this point. Started getting closer and closer to the start line.

So looks like I’m really doing this thing huh! Annnd I’m off! 

First mile felt pretty good! Once I got my running juices flowing the nerves went away. 

I took a running selfie at each mile marker. They weren’t the prettiest of selfies.

Mile 1. First one down and feeling good!! 

2 miles. Still going stron! 

Hey 3 miles!! I’ve basically completed a 5k! 10 more miles to go! Every 3 miles I’d message Lonnie just to let him know where I was pace wise.

That there is the Aloha Tower 

4 miles down baby!!!

Hawaii State Supreme Court

5 miles!!! Run mama run! 

I stopped to take a potty break after this because I was making it a point to stop at every water station. So I had to make a quick pit stop.

6 miles! Hey that’s a 10k! Almost there!!

Messaged Lonnie again at this point. He said  “Yes baby! Crushing it!” He kept me motivated and pushing through.

7 miles! Little over half way. Oooh yeah!! Starting  to feel the 7 miles but I stil kept trekking on. 

8 miles! Oh boy. Keep going Lesley! You got this!!! 

“Run hard. Be strong. Don’t quit.”

9 miles!! Trying to smile when I feel like a hot mess. I walked half of mile 9 because it was uphill and I hate hills. 

Messaged Lonnie again! He said “Wowza. You are really doing great!”

10 miles!! I’m in the double digits! Oh my goodness! So close!! This mile felt the like the longest. I did a really really slow jog. But hey at least I still kept trekkin.

“You don’t have to go fast… you just have to go.”

11 miles! 2 frikkin miles left!! So close to that finish line! I also walked half of this miles because there was more uphill. Don’t judge me people.

12 miles!! Yeah baby!!! You got this Lesley!! 

13 frikkin miles!!! I did it! I can’t believe I just did that!

And done!!!! Check out this beauty! The medal people not me. I’m a sweaty starving mess. 

Jack thought the medal was tasty! 
My support crew

At the end I was treated to free malasadas! Whoot whoot! 

If your curious what my miles were like time wise:

Mile 1 – 11:16

Mile 2 – 11:23

Mile 3 – 11:34

Mile 4 – 11:32

Mile 5 – 11:55

Mile 6 – 11:44

Mile 7 – 11:48

Mile 8 – 12:07

Mile 9 – 12:07

Mile 10 – 14:08

Mile 11 – 12:04

Mile 12 – 13:26

Mile 13 – 13:26

I wasn’t fast at all. All that mattered to me was that I finished. I set a goal for myself to finish the Hapalua half in 3 hours and I beat that by 19 minutes. So I am beyond proud of myself! I am RUNderful!! 

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