Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge

Another day another hike!

This morning a friend and I did a hike I’ve done many times but we ventured a little further on the trail and found an awesome rock bridge! The hike was a little over 2.5 miles round trip. So not long but this hike is a hot one. No shade and sun is directly overhead. Took close to 2 hours to complete. The incline and heat were kicking our butts. For this hike make sure to pack water and wear that sunblock. We started the hike at 7:30am and it was already pretty warm. When going up and down the hills make sure to pace yourself. There is no need to rush. Stop. Take a break. Take it all in. Enjoy the view!

Trail starts at Hanauma BayMajority of the trail is paved but it’s a lot of uphill so you get quite the cardio workout. This is the view half way up. Breathtaking.

Along the paved road you find a clear dirt trail on the left hand side.

Follow it down and over the hill

Continue down the dirt trail and it eventually takes you to the side of Hanauma Bay

You’re close! Just continue hiking down.

Came across this cute little wave.

And there it is! The beautiful Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge! Some have taken pictures on it but please be cautious. The waves get pretty rough and have been known to actually knock hikers off. As cool as it would have been to take a picture on the bridge I chose to play it safe. Be smart hikers.

I love how clear and blue the sky and ocean are. I truly am lucky to be living in Hawaii. 


On our way back I captured this awesome pano. I mean really it doesn’t get any better then this. 

Happy Hiking!

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