Cibecue Falls

I had such an awesome morning with my fellow mountain chicks chasing waterfalls. I could not have asked for a better group of ladies to explore a new trail with. Today we ventured to Salt River Canyon in search of the ever so beautiful Cibecue Falls. After doing this hike it is definitely one of my favorite hikes in Arizona so far.

We started our hike early, not only to beat the summer heat but the crowds as well. Which I’m really glad we did because it definitely warmed up on the way out and with lots of folks strolling in.

Located on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, a permit was required for us to have access to the falls. The permit was $30 a person, it recently increased due to the growing popularity of the hike. 

Cibecue Falls is about 4 miles round trip. The trail took us in and out of the creek. The water at one point was up to my hips, cold at first but felt nice as the weather warmed up. I thought the rocks in the water would be crazy slippery but actually weren’t. I was prepared though because I wore my trusty Keens that are great for hikes likes this. 

I knew we were getting closer to the falls as the canyon walls started to narrow. The entire trail was breathtakingly beautiful. And although the journey through the creek was a very nice one I made sure to look up and admire the beauty of the canyon walls as well.

And there she was. What a site to see!  

Didn’t get in for a swim since it’s prohibited to do so. Not a problem though because just dipping my feet in was refreshing enough.

There were a total of 20 mountain chicks that came out for this adventure. It was all our first time coming out to Cibecue Falls. What a great time it was! I love meeting ladies who enjoy being outdoors as much as I do. I arrived there only knowing one person and left with lots of new friends. “A journey is best measured in friends not miles” 

After some time of admiring the falls, taking photos and talking future hikes it was time to head out. The amount of pictures I took did not do this place justice. I can’t wait to come back sometime with Jack and Lonnie.Thank you Cibecue for such a great adventure. I look forward to future adventures with these awesome ladies. Until next time!

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

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