Butterfly Wonderland

Today Jack and I escaped the heat by venturing over to Butterly Wonderland in Scottsdale, AZ. It was one of the activities on our summer bucket list so I was really looking forward to checking this place out. It is the largest indoor butterfly pavilion in America, with 3,000 beautiful fluttering butterflies! Its the perfect family outing those hot summer days like today. 

Along with the butterfly pavilion there is also a 3D theater, here they played “Flight of the Butterflies”. A short 15 minute film that displays the fascinating life of butterflies. I must say I learned quite a bit and I was so proud of Jack because he sat perfectly still the whole time watching it with me.

They also have an exhibit called Rainforest Reptile, a new exhibit at the Butterfly Wonderland. A small exhibit but pretty neat, what I really liked about this exhibit was that all the cases were about Jack’s height. So he walked through the whole thing and  checked out all the awesome reptiles. Wasn’t able to get any shots of Jack and I in the 3D theater of course or the Rainforest Reptile, but I got a TOOOON  inside the butterfly pavilion.

When we got to the pavilion I had Jack in the stroller as I knew it was going to be a pain having to chase him around if I let him walk around. But when we got there it was a no stroller policy. Damn. Of course. But I’m actually glad there was because Jack was great! He was just this little man strolling through the pavilion. He is such a cutie! I want to say we were in there for a good hour. I could not believe how many different butterflies there were. So many from all around the world.

Let’s identify some butterflies!

Brown Clipper

White Peacock + Tiger Striped Leafwing

Black and Tan Page
Look at him. Just cruisin’

Small Blue Grecian
I was really hoping a butterfly would land on me so I could take a super cute selfie but this was even better!!
Zebra Longwing

Little dude got to feed the koi fish!

White Peacock

Tiger Longwing
Disturbed Tigerwing
Common Birdwing
Doris Longwing

Leopard Lacewing

Crimson-Banded Black
Black and White Helen

Blue Morpho
White Barred Charaxes
White Morpho
Atlas Moth

We had a great! I love see that big smile on his face. Today was perfect and I loved spending it with my sweet boy. Another successful adventure with jack. 

Butterfly Wonderland

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