Bad Mother Runner

I’m getting back into running and I’m slowly but surely making progress. I wasn’t always a runner. I never understood why someone would run and do that to themselves for fun. To make the choice to wake up before sunrise for a run when you could just sleep in. Then I met Lonnie who ran Spartan races, mud runs, trail runs and half marathons. He introduced me to the world of running and racing, and I loved it! What an amazing feeling it is to push yourself and go further then you’ve ever had before. It all made sense. When you run you just release any worries or fears you have. Breathe, put one foot in front of the other and just go! 

Well during my pregnancy I didn’t do a whole lot of running. I also wasn’t making the greatest eating choices. I ate and ate and ate. Listen if you’re pregnant and someone ever tells you that you’re eating for two, go ahead stuff your face with those strawberry uncrustables. DO NOT! I loved my uncrustables! If you were to ask anyone I worked with they’d agree. I always had snacks! Pregnancy only requires an additional 300-500 calories. What does 300-500 calories look like? Well it’s a banana, two eggs, two pieces of turkey bacon and a slice of toast with a tiny slather of butter. It is NOT those delicious powdered donuts, two bean burritos with no onions from Taco Bell and cinnamon twists. So due to my lack of exercise and terrible eating habits I put on 59lbs during my pregnancy! I want to say I’m an overachiever because the recommended weight gain is 25-35lbs. I went way beyond that! How did I let that happen? I couldn’t help it though. I was always so hungry and too tired and big to do anything. Every time I went to my prenatal follow ups my obgyn kept making comments about my dramatic weight gain. We get it lady! I’m big! I don’t need you constantly telling me! I would literally leave her office crying. Lonnie, being the good man that he is, trying to comfort me, telling me it’s alright I’m growing a human. Thankfully I didn’t have any complications during my pregnancy and delivery went smoothly. Jack was born a healthy 9lbs 2oz!

After I had Jack I was determined to lose the baby weight! I was disappointed to see that after giving birth I still had that monster of a belly. But come on, you don’t just lose 59lbs over night! It took me 9.5 months to gain that weight so it will most likely take me just as long if not longer to lose it! Well here I am 7 months later and I’ve lost 35lbs. It wasn’t easy and I still have a ways to go but I’m proud of myself!

So back to running! Because of running I’ve been able to shed some of this baby weight. I love pushing myself and crushing goals! I frikkin gave birth to a human being! My body is capable of doing anything I set out to do! I run for me. I run for my son. I run to explore the world around me. I am strong. I am a mother. I am a runner. I am one bad mother runner!

If you think you’re too slow, too overweight, too old, too tired, too busy or too pregnant to run. Then you are wrong! Don’t make excuses for yourself. Put you’re running shoes on and run. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish when you step out of your comfort zone. I believe in you! Go lace up and go for a run no matter how long or fast it is. A run is a run. 



  1. Michelle L. Jenkins

    I LOVE THIS!!!! You are going to motivate several women with your honesty. Keep sharing your adventures with Jack♡♡♡♡♡

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  2. Vanessa

    I also gained 60 lbs my first pregnancy. Took a year to lose the weight! This second time around I’m hoping to do better. Love this! Thanks for the motivation to go run 💪🏽

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      It is so hard to lose the weight. I thought pregnancy hunger was bad but my breastfeeding hunger is no joke! I didn’t make it out for a run this morning but did go hiking with the family. 🙂

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