Thanks for visiting my page!

I’m Lesley! This blog is about my journey in motherhood. But this blog isn’t just for the mommas! If you’re like me and love being outdoors, hiking, running, hanging in the hammock, healthy recipes, nature and marine life then this is the place for you!

Whats my story? Well I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I moved to the island of Oahu back in 2014 for a marine mammal training internship at Sea Life Park. After my internship I landed my dream job as a Marine Mammal Trainer working with dolphins in an interaction setting. Shortly after I met my husband Lonnie, the most amazing man a girl could ask for. What I admire most about him is his drive, passion and his strength. He is actually why this blog exists. His continuous love and support inspired me to write. Without Lonnie I am great, but with him I am greater. In 2015 Lonnie and I found out we were expecting! We were so excited and scared but we were ready to meet the little boy we created! I gave birth to our sweet boy on June 27, 2016. Our little Jack attack! When Jack came into my life he gave me a purpose. I decided to leave my dream job and become a stay-at-home-mom.  He is only going to be little once and I want to cherish every second of it! I have learned a lot about being a mother and a lot about my self. So I wanted to share with you my journey in motherhood. How amazing and scary it can be at times. The good, the bad and the poop explosions. There is no one word to describe motherhood or being a parent other than it is an adventure! 

I want Jack to have the Aloha spirit . To love and respect all but most importantly treat nature with Aloha. I will take him on my hikes to see all the beauty around us. Take him on my runs to learn about dedication and smashing goals. Take him to the beach and teach him the importance of marine conservation. Take him to the mountains to remember when you are on top to stay humble. I want Jack to live and love. 

Now the Martin’s reside in Arizona, exploring the desert. I constantly miss Hawaii but I’m really growing to like it here. It is a different kind of beauty.

So I hope that you leave my blog with a smile. For the urge to get out and explore! To finally start that project you keep putting off. To go for a hike and get muddy. To be a mermaid for a day and play in the waves. To put on those running shoes and just go for that run! Hang up your hammock and enjoy that book you’ve been meaning to read. I want you to step out of your comfort zone because once you do some amazing things can happen.

So come on and join me on this adventure!